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In Habersham Antique and Collectibles Marketplace in Savannah, GA

Resale Store-Our Story  

Inventory includes:

Original Art & Crafts


Vintage McCoy pottery, depression glass, soda bottles, brand name items, and more 

Furniture - New & Old

Large & Small pieces of all types and shapes

Antique Books & Coffee Table Books

Books from 1800's to recent books - classics, cookbooks, coffee table books and more

Antiques and decorative items

Cash registers, phones, lamps, china, crystal and more >

Sea Shells

Rocks, Minerals & Fossils


 Antiques, Furniture & Decor Items

China, Glassware & Collectibles

Owner, Sherry Hyland, started working on the resale store in Beaufort in the Summer of 2014 when she realized she had too much in storage and needed to liquidate the furniture and items which were from her parents' estate and collections from throughout her life. With the help of her friends, she opened in December 2014. 

Our name comes from the desire to re-purpose items and furniture while using a coastal influence. Porpoises and the love of the Lowcountry have always been part of Sherry's life. She was joking one day and said that she did something on "porpoise" and the name was birthed. Tim Borders of Borders Design created the logo of two porpoises jumpng in a circle like a recycling symbol to take the concept to the next level.

Sherry's passion for vintage items, fossils, sea shells, and rocks will continue to influence the inventory of the store. Consignors' items may vary but these themes will remain.

In the beginning of 2018 we moved our displays to Savannah, Ga in the Habersham Antique Marketplace and Collectibles at 2502 Habersham St. We are looking for other outlets for the items and art. 

We have an unwavering commitment to provide exceptional customer service selling unique and usual antiques, furniture, collectables, jewelry and gifts at reasonable prices.

We will soon introduce a program to help give back to those in need. The goal is to give a part of the proceeds of the store and take donations to help fund many of the essential ministries and organizations that assist individuals and families in need. Please look for more information in the future.

Our Mission

Our service to the Community

Antiques & Collectibles